Gamble Responsibly



Read through if you feel that you have problems with games or know someone else who has it, to find help.

What is gambling addiction?

A gambling addiction is a type of addiction problem that exists in some people when you have a very hard time stopping with something, even though it may not be beneficial for yourself. More than two hundred people in Sweden struggle with gambling abuse according to a survey by the County Council.

A gambling addiction does not always affect the person who has the abuse, but also the persons in their vicinity, eg family and relatives, who then become co-dependent. But above all, it affects one's finances and can through that get very bad outputs. One might not be able to afford to buy food, gasoline, or pay rent at the end.

Responsible game - age limit of 18+

To be able to register a gaming account and play at an online casino, you must have turned 18. Minors are not allowed to use the gaming companies' services because they are not of age. This age limit is closely monitored by online casinos that require registered players on ID documents at withdrawals. No player under the age of 18 has the right to play at online casino and it would be discovered that someone is trying to trick the casino waiting for shutdown while all money is deducted from the account.

Set limits yourself

There is no doubt that online casinos are looking to make money. But not at any price. They hardly want the money from players who suffer from gaming abuse. Most large online casinos offer their players help in the form of various tools that give the opportunity to set their own boundaries. With these tools, players can gain a better control of their gaming.

- Self-test: Serious online casinos always want to have "Responsible Gaming" or similar visible on the side. The link to a page with explanations about responsible gaming usually usually lies at the bottom of the page. Here you will often find different forms of self-testing. The self-tests consist of various questions that are similar to the ones we listed above.

- Budget Control: A majority of all online casinos also teach you to put some form of gaming limit without having to contact customer service. It can be a limit on how much you can deposit in a day, a week or a month. Or a limit to how much you can lose before closing down your account for a set period of time.

- Turn off the account for a period of time: Ockå called "cool down period" If you want to take a break from your gaming, you can choose this by temporarily closing your game account. During this period, you will not be able to access your account.

- Permanent suspension of a game account. In order to close down an account for good, contact with customer support is usually required. With some of the major players, it is good to also shut down via settings under the game account.

The casinos may also have features that are less clear, but which will make you think about your playing a little more. For example, it may be a pop-up box on the screen with information that you have been playing for an hour. As you know, the time usually runs away when you have fun, and it is not entirely wrong to get a reminder of how long you played sometimes. Maybe it's time to take a little break from the game?

Get help with game abuse

Playing should be fun and done in moderation. Unfortunately, it does not always end there for some people and you may then need help managing this.
Fortunately, there is help to get for people with gaming abuse. You can go to social workers, psychologists, etc., or stop calling lines. Below we have made a list of some of the places you can turn to.